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Rock & Roll Marathon

Rock & Roll Marathon

Jun 3rd, 2012 San Diego, CA

OK, I know it's not moto, but this was a race so I'm putting it on here. This whole marathon thing started out because I lost a Red Bull drinking contest with my good friend Stacey (he drank 12, I drank 10, in case you were wondering. And yes, it sucked.) Anyhow, Stacey and I signed up for the San Diego Rock & Roll Marathon, and while I'd like to say we trained our butts off, I don't think that's entirely accurate. I ran like a beast for about eight weeks beforehand, and then I bruised some ribs, got poison oak and found a hundred other excuses not to run. But we still did the deal, and although I'm not much of a runner and I don't see myself turning into a full-on marathon man, it was a fun experience. This was also a huge personal victory for me, as I've heard some pretty grim things from doctors over the years. Either way, I met my goals and crossed something else off my list.

Side note: In the above photo you can see the American flag cap I'm wearing. Before the race, I had this embroidered with 'Pistol Pete' on the back, and then gave it to my dad after the race. My dad is my hero, and has been my swim buddy through some pretty scary situations. Thinking of him while running the race was a big motivator for me not to quit.

Stacey, what are we doing next?