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Nov 30th, -0001

Thanks to a chance meeting on behalf of my buddy Big Air Tod, I found myself in the right place at the right time to parlay my freestyle motocross skills into an unexpected opportunity as a stunt performer in the film industry. The work started out with mainly two- and four-wheeled jobs, but it wasn't long before I was able to get some great experience doing ratchets, burns, fights, falls, and even a cannon roll in a car (now THAT was fun!). I've put my PADI Dive Master certification to good use on some underwater jobs, and having a knowledge of martial arts and firearms has helped me on multiple occasions. What started out as fun side work quickly ramped up into a full-time gig, although the work is so incredibly fun, it's hard to qualify it as a "job". All together, my experience doing stunts has provided an insanely cool tool for experiencing some wild things that I never thought I'd be a part of, and I am enormously grateful to everyone who has helped me along the way to reach my goals.

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