Back Online!

Back Online!

Jul 3 2016

I recently caught some flak for not updating my site often enough, so here's a quick blog to bring everyone up to speed! So far, 2016 has been yet another amazing year, with the big news being that I recently became a father. Words cannot describe how incredible this experience has been for my wife and me; all I can say is that you spend your life doing things that you think matter, and then you realize that everything else pales in comparison to being a parent. We are beyond stoked!

On the work front, I recently parted ways with Dirt Rider, and have since been blessed by some awesome opportunities in the stunt world. Although, I will admit that this last job—a full month of bike work out in the crazy-hot desert near Glamis—saw me riding one of the sketchiest motorcycles that I have ever encountered. Part Harley, part dirt bike, and wholly ill-handling, the bike—which I dubbed "Apollo 13" due to the obscene amount of safety wire and heat tape holding it together—was such a handful to ride that the other stunt guys could barely keep themselves from belly laughing during takes. I'll post some photos once the movie hits, but suffice it to say that I was pretty happy to wrap that one up in one piece!

Looking forward, there are some fun things on the horizon, and I couldn't be more grateful for the crew of solid people that I have around me. I'm likely going to continue to take a bit of time away from racing to be present at home, but I hope to see you all at the track, trails, or on set soon.

Thanks for reading, be well!